Nevada Library Association Annual Conference - 2019; November 2-4, 2019

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Donna Cossette

Churchill County Museum and Archive
Donna was born on the Walker River Paiute Tribe and is of ½ Paiute descent she is an enrolled member of the Fallon Paiute Tribe and is Toi-Ticutta (Cattail Eaters) and Coup-Ticutta (Ground Squirrel Eaters) and Agui-Ticutta (Trout Eaters). Donna has been with the Churchill County Museum and Archives for 15 years.  Previous to this working for her Tribe for 15 ½ years, where she held a variety titles such as Cultural Liaison, Membership Services Director, Tribal Vice-Chairman, and Tribal Chairman.  She currently is a member of the Oakland Museum Native American Council, Churchill County Cemetery Board. Donna also enjoys being a consultant and advising on her Northern Paiute history and traditional lifeways. Her claim to fame is being a guest cook on the Travel Channel, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. One of her life long passions is being one of her family’s historian and sharing the life stories of her family. Some of her notable Great Basin ancestors are Captain Truckee, Wahe (brother to Chief Winnemucca), and Captain Dave (one of Nevada’s first Indian Police), Joaquin Brown (Tracker), Mary Dave (Traditional healer/Doctor), Bowen Dave (Lovelock Tribal Chairman) and Donald Brown Sr. (Fallon Tribal Chairman) “There should be nothing more important than protecting the health of the air, land and water for all that benefits today and all that is yet created.”